Why People Try to Control One Another in a Relationship?

A relationship based on inequality can never be a healthy or happy relationship. But unfortunately, everywhere you look you would find ample examples of relationships which are based on only this criterion, the dominance of one and submissiveness of the other. But this is the wrong kind of relationship, and should not be continued. However, sometimes, the need to control rears its ugly head in a perfectly beautiful relationship and everything falls into pieces. It is not easy to determine how healthy or unhealthy a relationship is; it is not something that you are taught. This is a lesson which some never learn and some learn it in a very hard way.

Fear is the Culprit

Need to control arises from fear. A control freak is always scared that somehow or other he/she is going to lose his/her spouse/partner. They suffer from an irrational fear that their lover is cheating on them or is looking for an excuse to leave them, etc. There is also anxiety which adds fuel to the fire in a relationship. The controlling partner is always anxious that their needs will not be met by their significant other. This kind of people has very little confidence and very low self-esteem. They think that they are not worthy of their partner/spouse’s love. They suffer from delusional jealousy and suspect their partner of infidelity even though there is no ground for such suspicion. This controlling person are bullies, but they are not necessarily ‘bad,’ they just don’t know how to trust or how to make a relationship work without dictating every aspect of it themselves.

Both men and women can be controlling; gender has nothing to do with the need to control. It is true that examples of controlling men are far more than that of controlling women, but that could be because man tends to be overtly controlling, often going as far as physical violence, whereas women employ more subtle methods to establish control.

There are relationships in which both the partners are always struggling to establish control over each other in their own way. One may be trying to control the other’s action and the other one trying to control his/her partner’s reactions.

A Solution

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