6 Effective Penis Stretching Exercises to Increase Girth and Length

Are you tired of being disappointed in your package? Do you want to have more pleasurable sex for you and your partner? If so, you can easily pump up your penis game with these simple yet effective penis stretching exercises.

Do Penis Stretching Exercises Work?

You might be wondering how to stretch your penis safely and effectively. There are so many false advertisements online that guarantee massive, monstrous results with the use of a magic pill. While those one-and-done promises may be false, you can learn how to stretch penis muscles and get real growth with real results.

Take a look at our favorite penis stretching routines  and exercises that can help you expand on your inches – and your girth.

  1. The Massage

It’s good to start out with a couple of manual exercises to get into the habit of stretching your penis. You don’t need any tools or equipment for an effective massage; all you need to do is add some lubricant to your penis and massage gently all around it. Try doing this both when you are flaccid and when you have an erection; over time, your muscles will stretch and grow.

  1. The Jelq

There is another massage technique known as “jelqing” which can stimulate your penis muscles. When you put your finger and thumb in the shape of an O, start at the base of your penis and start sliding upwards. Once you reach the middle of your shaft, make the O shape smaller until you put more pressure on your dick. Slowly decrease the size of the O and keep going upward until you reach your tip. At this point, you should have a lot of pressure on your penis (but not too much that it hurts).

  1. The Weights

Does penis stretching work with weights and other hanging devices? The answer is a big hard yes! You can use a combination of weight hanging systems to gradually stretch your willy to a more desirable length and girth. Weights hang from your penis just under your head, slowly pulling your muscles throughout the day. This is a good option for seasoned stretchers or beginners.

  1. The Pump

Penis pumping is one of the most popular penis stretching exercises on the market today because it guarantees great results. It is also the best exercise for those who are looking to increase their girth along with their length. Using a penis pump for just a few minutes a day can make you more massive overall. Just be careful not to over-pump, or your little sergeant will be out of commission for quite some time!

  1. The Extender

Are you a penis enlargement pro? Can you stretch your penis all day without breaking a sweat? If you are looking for an extreme yet safe method of stretching, try the ADS, or All Day Penis Stretcher. Throughout the day, the weights system will pull on your penis to stretch those muscles to the max. Results are guaranteed with this all-in-one system.

  1. The Clamp

A gentle device can clamp down on the base of your penis throughout the day, applying a little bit of pressure to encourage muscle growth. This is a good way to naturally grow your girth without having to invest in mystery medicine or weird pills with mixed results. Penis clamps might feel strange on your willy at first, but your growth will be well worth the temporary discomfort.

Start Stretching!

If you’re a guy worried about your size or appearance, you must try out these penis stretching exercises to help you recover from any embarrassment you may feel in the bedroom. Grow your length, girth, and shape to satisfy anyone who lays their eyes on your massive prize.

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