Reasons for getting in touch with escorts 

The oldest profession worldwide has been performed since unmemorable times as a comercial response to the human need for sexual satisfaction. Its several care categories vary depending on the social strata. This fact explains how conventional prostitution, escorts and kinesiologist emerge. This people, beyond the sexual act, are partners for all kind of occasions. In Peru, kinesiologists in Arequipa, as in the rest of the country, offer a wide variety of services.  

High performance prostitution or five-star escort service emerges as a high level category in the business of pleasure. Escort girls can be with the client from one night to one whole day, and even whole weekends. In addition, their services may not even include sexual contact. For this reason, escorts in bangalore differ to a certain extent from conventional prostitution as they are more similar to a couple relationship.

Several benefits of having sex on a regular basis

It has been confirmed that the sexual act, beyond being by nature the preferred medium for procreation, also confers great health benefits to those who practice it on a regular basis. In fact, escorts do it as usually as possible. 

During sexual intercourse, the cardiorespiratory system is activated. As a result, the blood circulation and breathing are sped up, but it is important to remember that it happens according to the level of intensity during the activity. Caloric burn, as well as when practicing an aerobic activity, will be also increased. 

There are some interesting benefits that the frequent practice of sexual intercourse bring to the physical and psychological health of the humanity. The benefits are innumerable, however, the most relevant ones are the strengthening of the immune system, the lowering of blood pressure, the control of the stress, the capability of keeping fit and relieving the pain, the stimulation of sleep, the improvement in circulation, the strengthening the pelvic floor, the protection against some types of cancer and the capability of generating happiness: 

  • Strengthening of the immune system: this is due to sexual practice that, in some way, increases the body’s defences against many bacterial and viral processes. This is because of the increase in approximately a 30% of immunoglobulin compared to those who do not have sexual relations. 
  • Decrease in blood pressure: Blood pressure is kept at optimal levels for the body thanks to the fact that sex reduces systolic blood pressure. 
  • Stress control: it is achived because of sex lowers cortisol levels, which is the cause of a whole neuronal process in the brain, process that increases the anxiety, as evidenced by the state of relaxation experienced after orgasm. 

  • Improvement of the physical appearance and condition: with all the aerobic process which takes place during the sexual act, obviously, muscle development is greatly favoured. It results in a much better physical appearance. In addition, it is important to talk about the importance of strengthening the lungs and the substantial improvement in the functioning of the circulatory system. 
  • Pain relief: Nitric oxide, which is the main cause of a type of headache (this kind of headache is better known as migraine), is drastically reduced by regular sex. When you are experiencing an orgasm, you are also releasing substances in the body that act as pain-blocking agents. 
  • Stimulation of the sleep: one of the benefits that the orgasm provides is the release of several hormones, such as oxytocin, serotonin and prolactin, which are responsible for generating the sensation of sleep. This process is much more common in men, as women may even experience an increase in sexual desire once the act is over.
  • Improvement of the circulatory system: it is not difficult to imagine which are the reasons that explain this phenomenon. As it has been previously mentioned, the body engages in aerobic activity. And during this process, the heart pumps more blood, increasing its flow through veins and arteries of the body, and as a result it keeps them active. 
  • Strengthening of the pelvic floor: the regular practice of sex helps the development of muscles in the pelvic area due to the nature of the sexual act movements. In the case of women, these muscles are contracted when you are experiencing an orgasm, strengthening them and preventing illnesses such as incontinence, among many others. 
  • Protection against certain types of cancer: In the case of men, the regular practice of sex mantains the prostate active.This fact helps to avoid the development of tumors in that particular area. In the case of women, it stimulates the secretion of DHEA and oxytocin during orgasm; and it has been studied that it helps to prevent breast cancer. 
  • Causes happiness: As mentioned at the beginning, humans find by nature the satisfaction of this need in the sexual act. Orgasm causes a pleasant feeling that, when it is being experienced, greatly enhances the sense of well-being.

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