4 Ways To Make Your First Night Out In Melbourne Memorable

Are you going for a vacation in Australia? Probably, one of the places you want to visit is Melbourne. You are looking to spend several days here. Melbourne is one of the greatest cities in Australia. The place has many attractions you can explore during the day. But where do you go after the sun goes to bed?

As a first time visitor in this Australian city, you might have challenges to know where and how to spend your first night. But this should no longer be the issue. There are many ways to make your first night a living memory while in Melbourne. Here are some of them:

Go for a strip show

A strip show can make your night out in Melbourne unforgettable. This city has great clubs and bars where you can get world class stripping entertainment. The city offers you a chance to watch famous strippers as you enjoy your favorite drinks.

If you have no idea where to find stripping Melbourne dancers, Sky Strippers can be a good place to visit. This place will make your night here hard to forget.

Take a ride on the Melbourne Star

Imagine riding a merry-go round at night. Certainly, everyone wants to enjoy their moment when on a holiday. For you, a strip show at Sky Strippers might not be enough for a living memory. This city has more to offer than stripping. Consider going for a ride on the Melbourne Star.

The big Ferris wheel comes with a package of fun and entertainment. You will have 30 minutes to take a ride and do any activity that can make your night great. Whether you want to sparkle some wine while on the flight or watch the city at night, you will always get the best experience ever.

Visit the Eureka Skydeck 88

Nothing feels romantic than the evening sunset. The orange-reddish sun bring some essence of true love ambience. If you have your loved one by your side, you can consider visiting the Eureka Skydeck 88.

This tallest deck offers you a clear observation of the beautiful Melbourne city as the sun goes to bed. You will feel the sense of the glorious Australian city as you sip your favorite wine or beer. However, the deck closes by 10pm and you need to book earlier to avoid the queue.

Go for an outdoor cinema 

Are you a cinema lover? Melbourne offers a chance to enjoy your best movie in an outdoor space. You do not need to find a cinema hall. Instead, enjoy the night breeze of summer and combine it with a movie experience. The space offers some bean beds where you can relax and spend some good times.

But remember to check the weather before deciding to go to an outdoor cinema. Summer nights are not always warm in Melbourne. So, you need a better plan before deciding to go for a night at Sky Strippers or outdoor cinema event.

And that’s how you can turn your night in Melbourne to a living memory.

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