This is the “golden ratio” when it comes to women in Birmingham!

In science, the golden ratio is described as the ratio between two numbers and the larger of them (for example, a+b divided by a, when a is greater than b). Surprisingly or not, the golden ratio is constant and it has an infinite number of decimal places, its value being around 1.618033988749… The golden ratio appears frequently in nature (for example, the spiral arrangement of leaves), as well as in arts & other human activities (Salvador Dali is famous for proportioning his paintings according to it).

However, there is also another kind of “golden ratio”, when it comes to women’s bodies. We’re talking about the perfect proportion between their bust size & their height. Of course, in contrast to the value in maths, this value is not constant, as men’s tastes are very different when it comes to the perfect lady. Some prefer petite blondes with huge boobs, others like tall & skinny brunettes from all points of view, etc. Therefore, we’ve decided to “investigate” the matter, with the help of some of the most beautiful & sought-after women in Great Britain: Birmingham escorts.

Skinny Bella – height 5’5 (165 cm), bust size 34 D 

This tall Spanish brunette with brown eyes loves Italian food & prosecco, speaks perfect English, and she’s always ready to party or dress as Naughty Nurse. Her “golden ratio” helps her drive all men crazy, as her body proportions are not exaggerated from any point of view; 

Petite Sophia – height 5’3 (160 cm), bust size 36 D 

Sophia comes from Eastern Europe, she has long curly brunette hair, brown eyes, and a few large tattoos. Of course, she knows that she has large boobs compared to her height, and she can’t wait to show them off, in some of the sexiest lingeries you can find on the market;

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Exotic Porsha – height 5’6 (167 cm), bust size 36 D 

Porsha can be described as an exotic princess, as she comes from the Caribbean. She has brown eyes & long dreads, she is bisexual, and she absolutely loves Pornstar Martini. Therefore, it makes her the perfect woman to spend a night with, whether at a fancy dinner, in the club, or at the hotel; 

Perfect Zara – height 5’6 (167 cm), bust size 34 DD 

Last but not least, Zara can be described as absolutely perfect from all points of view: she’s a tall blonde, with long legs, and medium to large boobs. She’s only 24, she likes Chinese, English, and Italian food, and she also comes from Eastern Europe – an inexhaustible source of beauty.

In conclusion, when talking about women’s “golden ratio”, things are… relative, as one of the smartest people who ever lived on Earth, Albert Einstein, discovered. There is no accounting for tastes and every man appreciates certain qualities, physical and not only, of the lady in front of him. What’s important for them to understand is that respect & a decent approach are always the keys to the heart of a mistress.

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