The dating revolution is here

You might think that the 1960’s where the hay days of free love and sex; but actually our days have a lot more going to them; making the free-love era to look quite pale in comparison. People these days still want free love but they don’t need to have any other ideology attached to it. In other words: no need to be a hippie these days to enjoy free love; every person can do it regardless of their cultural and intellectual background.

Men and women

There was an era where people thought online dating was a thing for men; and that women had very little interest in sexual matters. It couldn’t be further from the truth, and the rising popularity of dating websites amongst both sexes really proves that. It is so much easier to meet women looking for sex now that dating sites are not the sausage fest they once where; especially with adult sex dating. Both sexes want to have sex, and the institution of marriage suddenly doesn’t seem like the most viable option for a lot of people.

So easy

Let’s face it, most of use didn’t expect that one day we would be able to talk to people via video conference from devices that fit into our pockets. The rise of such technology has brought on an absolute revolution, affecting many aspects of life in society. Dating used to involve going out and spending time as well as money; and we were never really guaranteed to have a successful outcome. Now that we can contact people for sex using a medium they also use, there is no stopping men and women from having as much fun as they want.

On the moment

The truth is that sex is a dish best served hot, meaning when you want it you want it now. No point waiting as you will only lose your mojo. This was the reality of dating in the past, but you certainly don’t need to wait so long to have sex these days. Just contact people online, tell them what you want to do and if they agree you will be meeting up for the best moments of your life. Now naturally you will want to take the right precautions, but at least when you want sex these days you won’t need to wait until next year!

No commitment

Sleeping with someone doesn’t mean you should be tied to the wrist with each other. Too many people in the past got married just because they had sex, and we know that this leads to a lot of divorces and breakups. If you really love someone then it is fair play that you spend your life with them but at least you don’t need to get married just because you had sex. Sex is natural, it happens on the moment and if you just enjoy it no one will judge you. In fact some people might actually want to have fun with you too as they know you’re a good time waiting to happen!

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