How to Bring the Spark Back Into Your Relationship

Long-term relationships have highs, lows, and long periods of contentment. While being comfortable with your partner is great, it is important to never take them for granted. A great way to keep your relationship strong and healthy is to keep that spark alive. From introducing a new toy in the bedroom to planning out fun dates, this guide will help you keep the romance alive and thriving between you two:

Spice Things Up in the Bedroom

A great way to bring the spark back into your relationship is to make sex exciting again. If you have become complacent and bored with your usual routine, a new toy, situation, or even just environment can do wonders. Go on a shopping trip to an adult sex toy shop together (online or even in person), try those new toys, book yourself a hotel for the night, pretend to be other people – there are so many ways that you can liven up your relationship and take a step closer towards a deeper, more satisfying sex life.

Try New Things Together

While trying new things in the bedroom can immediately help bring a spark back, don’t stop there. Take a class together, go to a new area in your city, go on a trip, try new foods together, and more. You may know everything about your partner today, but when you try new things together, you learn new things together. This can help bring you closer together and bring that spark back.

Spend More Time Without Distractions

When you spend a lot of time together, you start to take attention for granted. You may realize you spend a lot of time together watching the tv or when you are on your phones doing your own thing. A simple, easy way to do this is to have one-on-one time without distractions. Eat dinner without phones or cuddle together (ideally naked, as skin-to-skin contact is great for relationships, even without sex).

Establish a Regular Date Night

While your date night does not have to be the same day every week, you should make an effort to go regularly. This date night is a great time to try new things together and to spend time without outside distractions. Use the time also as an excuse to dress up for one another. Not only can this help boost your own confidence and can do wonders to help you feel more desirable, but it can also improve your attraction to your partner, who you don’t see dressed up as often.

Surprise Each Other

There are all types of surprises, meaning there are ways that you can surprise your partner even if they don’t like big shocks. Buying a gift for them when you are out, sending them flowers, writing them a note, making them breakfast in bed – the options are limitless. Little things often make a bigger impact and can give you and your partner little moments of joy throughout your days. These little moments are sparks all to themselves and can help bring you and your partner closer together.

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