Finding Sexual Services in Japan

Is Japan really having as much sex as we think they are? I would easily say no because when I think about Japan, what comes to mind is this: people who work more than 168 hours a week (and to be technical there are only 168 hours in a week) and people who are crammed like sardines into trains. I don’t imagine them getting it on like Donkey Kong! Maybe that’s why the sex industry is a booming business there too. Because when you do get your one day off, you either want to sleep or get it on. But hiring an escort isn’t easy as buying a Big Mac meal at McDonald’s. Penis penetrating vagina (coitus) is illegal in Japan but everything non-coital is a-okay (Non coital is oral sex, anal sex, intercrural sex, hand jobs, erotic massages, etc).

So what’s a guy to do (or a girl)? The selection of sex services is as imaginative as DaVinci’s mind. If you want to get a soapy bath with a nice happy ending, visit a soapland. The word health in Japan is usually used as sexual services so with fashion health, you snag a private room within the establishment (aka brothel) and then have agreed-upon sexual services. Delivery of health or hotel health is the girl or guy coming to you (aka escort) where you then have agreed-upon sexual services. Erotic massage is a massage with a happy ending. Want a little S&M, the place you go to is a soft masochist club where you get a room and get S&M sexual services. If you want a transgender, you ask for half-health and you can even pay for the host or hostess of a club to sit and flirt with you and make you feel like the most important man or woman in the world.

And if you’re working 168 hours a week, flirting with a sexy person or partaking in other sexy activities sound like a great way to spend your time off.

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